RR400 is a series of wearables and accessories ​for Roca Recicla made from recycled plastic​ pouches used for vacuum-cooking.

El Celler de Can Roca uses around 50 of these pouches a week. For both practical and hygiene reasons, they are confined to a single use and are not able to be recycled through traditional means due to their mixed-plastic composition.

By way of a low-energy process, limited manipulation makes the material useful again. By simply cleaning and sewing the square pouches together, a new patchwork-like material was created that enabled the creation of fashion accessories such as this collection of bags. These are sewn together by a local social charity that employ women at risk of social exclusion.

Featuring bold straps made from sustainable cotton, the plastic material is framed like a window that, in the case of the bags, showcases the contents that the user decides to place inside and in the case of the apron shows the wearer’s clothing underneath.

Roca Recicla · 2020


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