The project is part of a series commissioned by El Celler de Can Roca (World’s Best Restaurant, 2013 & 2015) for “Roca Recicla”, their ambitious project of reducing waste in their restaurant through the use of design.

RR201, uses expanded polystyrene which is notoriously difficult to recycle, and turns it into furniture through an entirely new process. This begins with cleaning the expanded polystyrene boxes, which are then shredded into raw material and then compacted down in a mould, using injected steam. After an eco-friendly coating, the result is a highly durable, lightweight stool that weighs less than 2kg.

The restaurant utilises produce from 6 polystyrene boxes per day and each individual RR201 stool is made of the exact amount of resulting polystyrene waste. The restaurant will make one stool per day that will be numbered with the delivery date of the original polystyrene boxes. Although produced by mould, each stool varies in surface texture, meaning that no two are exactly the same, emphasising the relationship between the guests and the best produce in the world through the material.


Roca Recicla · 2018


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