100th Copa FAD

Commemorating a century-old tradition

Invited by Catalonia’s superlative association of art and design professionals to design the 100th edition of their prestigious ceremonial toasting cup.


Founded in 1903 in Barcelona, The FAD (Foment del les Arts i el Disseny/Fostering of the Arts and Design) has commissioned an eminent artist or designer to design a ceremonial cup to toast the annual member’s gathering since 1917 (except during the years of the Spanish Civil War). These include names such asMiguel Milà, Ettore Sottsass, Rafael Marquina, André Ricard, Martí Guixé, Xavier Mariscal, Alessandro Mendini, Jaume Plensa and more.


To celebrate the significance of cup number 100, Andreu Carulla has designed a cup that is big enough to fill with the contents of the 99 cups that preceded it and nicknamed it “Copón”, which has the double meaning in Spanish of both the term for a ceremonial cup and as adjective for something enormous. Created on location at a clay extrusion factory in La Bisbal (Catalonia, Spain) the designer sliced a length of cylindrical ceramic extrusion and planted it upright, creating an organically crumpled base that seals the contents of the cup. Lined with a glaze and engraved with the name of every designer who came before him, the supersized cup was used to toast the FAD’s annual members’ gathering on the 29th of April 2019.


It is now displayed in in “La Copoteca” (The Cup Library) at the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona(Barcelona Design Museum) along with the cups from previous years.

FAD · 2019

Copa FAD 2019

Andreu Carulla

Marc Monzó

Ana Mir

Alessandro Mendini

Elías Torres

Helena Rohner

Pete Sans

Javier de las Muelas

Montserrat Guardiola

Martí Guixé

Martín Azúa

Juli Capella

Fernando i Humberto Campana

Antoni Miralda

Elsa Peretti i Eloi Abad

Antoni Tàpies

Mercel·lí Antúne

Ettore Sottsass

Mohamed Fariji

Enric Majoral

Andreu Alfaro

FAD i les seves associacions

Ramon Puig Cuyàs

Susana Solano

Emili Armengol

Sergi Agilar

Carlos Pazos

Joan Brossa

Jaume Plensa

Òscar Tusquets

Rafael Marquina Adouard

Xavier Corberó i Olivella

Grup Transatlàntic

Javier Mariscal i Errando

Aurèlia Muñoz Ventura

M. Antònia Pàluzy i Viñals

Andreu Vilasís i Fernández-Capalleja

Albert Isern

Ramon Oriol i Nogués

Maria Bofill Franci

Raimon Oller i Ferrer

Jordi Casablancas i Muntanyola

Jordi Pablo i Grau

Elisenda Sala i Ponsa

Francesc Ferrando i Crexans

Aureli Bisbe i Latorre

Miquel Milà i Sagnier

Antoni Pons i Cirac

André Ricard i Sala

Joaquim M. Capdevila i Gaya

Margarida Guasch

Jaume Mercader-Miret

Ramon Sarsanedas i Oriol

Escola Massana

Joaquim Carreras i Martí

Antoni de Moragas i Gallissà

Jordi Galí i Figueras

Josep Llorens i Artigas

Josep Maria Subirachs i Sitjar

Manuel Capdevila i Massana

Antoni Cumella i Serret

Jaume Mercader-Miret

Josep Mir i Virgili i Evarist Mora i Rosselló

Antoni Serra Abell

Montserrat Mainar i Benedicto

Emili Armengol i Gall

Alfons Serrahima i Bofill

Oriol Sunyer i Gaspar

Xavier Corberó i Trepat

Josep Maria Camps i Arnau

Rafael Solanic i Ballús

Amadeu Pomar

Jordi Valls

Joaquim Campañà i Genovart

Joaquim Sabaté i Nadal

Jocund Bonet

Enric Clusellas i Albertí

Modest Morató i Ojer

Joan Muntasell i Garriga

Carles Collet

Lluís Albert de Puig

Alfons Serrahima i Bofill

Manuel Capdevila i Massana

Pere Brugués i Mir

Ramon Sarsanedas i Oriol

Miquel Soldevilla i Valls

Escola Massana

Valeri Corberó i Trepat

Pere Ricart i Marés

Ramon Sunyer i Clarà

Jaume Mercadé i Queralt

Lluís Rigalt i Corbera

Antoni Urpí i Pey

Josep Guardiola i Bonet

Manuel Valentí i Gallard

Lluís d’Oms

Ramon Sunyer i Clarà

Pere Corberó i Casals

Francesc Tiestos i Vidal

Lluís Masriera i Rosés


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