La Flors del Sentits

(The Flower of the Senses) captures the essence of Girona Temps de flors and projects our sensorial experiences onto an object

Temps de flors is the city of Girona’s spring festival. Every year this friendly and open city turns into the ultimate treat for all the senses.


Floral installations flow through monuments, buildings and streets in harmony with their urban landscape, offering a unique experience of colours, flavours, aromas, textures and sounds.


LISTEN to the breeze. Hang the aluminium component upside down and turn the perfumed ball into a wind chime.

CARESS the petals of the daisy. Gently touch the porcelain cover.

SMELL the springtime blossom. Breathe in the scent of the perfumed wooden ball.

LOOK and rediscover Girona. Place the pot on the cloth and see the city’s skyline.

SAVOUR the taste of flowers. These exquisite floral bonbons are prepared by JORDI ROCA, the world’s best pastry chef, who wishes to share a taste of his creativity with us all.

Ajuntament de Girona  ·  2015


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