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The first 3.0 sex toy.

With Klic-Klic®, the user can transmit movement and therefore sensations to another user. Allows to stimulate at once your own sensations as well as your partner’s when you are apart, so you can feel as close as you want.


It consisits of two devices (Landing® and Arrival®) that communicate via bluetooth. Once activated, the  first device senses the user’s movements through sensors and sends the signal to a second device, which mimics the movement by motors that generate a sense of depth.


We have payed special attention to creating a discrete product with high quality finishings and that users find easy to use and clean.


The devices’ geometry has been created with the help of a sex therapist and several anthropometric studies have been required to find the best results in stimulation.


We hope this product helps long distance couples feel closer.


Klic-Klic 2012