Andreu Carulla studio | Doubletable
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Turn it upside-down & choose from its two different surfaces.

High caliber trees are usually cut down without even knowing its destiny or use. A few times, and to the carpenter’s surprise, a highly knotted tree shows up, making it useless for conventional furniture. This wood is confined to a warehouse waiting to be turned into sawdust.


We have retrieved two of these planks, thinking up an “upside down” table, so these useless, unique wood can be useful and its uniqueness can be appreciated. From this moment on, a high quality treatment is applied in order to enhance its natural, unique knotted beauty.


Its legs try to go unnoticed, simulating the wood planks are levitating. This effect is created by glass pieces glued by ultraviolet light.


As the table is not sealed to the legs, it can be turned upside-down so that one can choose from its two different surfaces; a smooth, black lacquer one or a more natural finished another, depending on the occasion.


As a result, we obtain a singular and exclusive table.


EcoLuxury Editions 2011