Andreu Carulla studio | Bonsai
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Cut down trees that have a diameter inferior than 30 mm are rarely used by carpenters to make furniture pieces. This is why they are intended to be fire logs, even though some of these wood is high quality and beautiful.


We have carefully selected several quality, interesting looking pieces from a big pile of logs of a carpenter’s warehouse and have worked on them as they deserve, obtaining, sophisticated and attractive lamps, each one unique and unrepeatable, as it is the tree they come from.


Each lamp is made from a different kind of wood, all of them from  Girona county’s forests. They are crowned by a smooth lamp shade simulating the top of a tree, and making the piece a kind of a bonsai. They are custom, hand-made made lampshades with a glossy interior that magnifies and dyes the light of a warm colour, reminding of a Mediterranean sunset.


EcoLuxuryEditions 2011