Designing the Spanish Embassy in Helsinki

From discussions to diplomatic action.


At the Spanish ambassador’s residence, Andreu Carulla and Mikko Laakkonen, met for the first time for a discussion named Design Diplomacy during Helsinki Design Week 2017.


After the event they sat down with the Spanish ambassador Manuel De La Cámara, and it was decided that the ambassador’s residence was to be renovated.

At the moment the designers are working on a new product selection, the first products of which will be displayed during this year’s Helsinki Design Week. The products, which are produced by Made by Choice in Finland and M114, LZF lamps and Nanimarquina in Spain, are displayed on the island Lonna from 11 September to 15 September.


Helsinki Design Weekly will follow the Spanish residence renewal project and the product design process during 2018 and 2019. Eventually the products will be placed in the Spanish residence, the living room and hall of which will be completely renovated in 2019.


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