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La Flor dels Sentits

Girona's city council commissioned us with a very special project: the design of a commemorative piece for the 60th anniversary of Temps de Flors, Girona's traditional and famed flower festival. So, the whole team got to work and we came up with a design that...

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28 May
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Two more souls at the church

We couldn’t have asked for a warmer welcome for our Bernardes Bench. Given its success, a new collection is born. Two new pieces join the bench: an armchair and a chair, two of the most iconic and essential pieces of the household. Both of them take cues from their predecessor, displaying a monastic look...

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07 April
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Girona Talent Award

Girona City of Talent, the Girona based idea-sharing forum, has created an award in order to acknowledge two remarkable individuals and their careers, as well as honor their contribution to the community. The first honorees were Dr. Gabriel Ferraté, president of the Cerdà Institute, and...

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17 November